During the day Gallura is very warm with temperatures rising
to 95º F (35ºC). These warm days are tempered by cool nights where the
temperature can drop by 30 degrees.

Gallura soil is primarily granite in composition giving Vermentino its
trademark minerality.

Gallura is divided into two sections: Bassa-Gallura, the lower section,
and Alta-Gallura, the higher section. Jankara is located in Alta-Gallura.
Jankara Location:


Located in a prestigious sub-zone called Vena di San Leonardo which is equal distance from the sea, about 20 kilometers, to the North, East, and West.

To the South of the vineyard is the mountain Limbara which protects the
vineyard from the hot winds coming of the coast of Africa. Directly next the vineyard is Lake Liscia, which helps stablize the temperatures of the microclimate.

Due to the microclimate of San Leonardo the harvest season for this area is a month later (mid to late September) than the rest of Sardinia which allows the Vermentino grapes to become more complex and more aromatic.


Grapes: 100% Vermentino
Region: Sardinia
Vineyards: From a single vineyard in Alta Gallura
Exposure: Northeast
Altitude: 984 feet above sea level
Soil: Granite soil
Vine Training: Guyot
Vine Age: 7 years
Time of Harvest: Late September
Yield per Acre: 2.8 tons per acre
Total Production: 22,000 bottles
Vinification Process: After harvest, the grapes are gently pressed and fermented in stainless steel vats while continuously monitoring and controlling the temperatures of fermentation to further benefit the formation of intense aromas and complexity in the wine.
Aging Process: After seven months of aging in stainless steel, the wine is then bottled and held for an additional two months before it’s released,
Alcohol Content: 14.00%
Tasting Notes: Straw yellow with green reflections. Great balance between acidity, alcohol and fruit, as well as aromas of white flowers, almonds and a hint of tropical notes to arouse the senses,
Winemaker: Gianni Menotti
Winery Philosophy: Jankara’s aim is to create the highest expressions of our territory by utilising minimal intervention in vineyards.
Cellaring: Up to 10 years
Bottled: Spring
Closure: Cork
Food/Menu Pairing: Pairs well with fresh seafood, raw fish and shellfish, particularly oysters, rabbit, chicken and pork


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